Add Messaging to Google My Business

How to add messaging to Google My Business to ensure you can respond quick to any requests that come from Google.

  1. Login to your Google My Business account.
  2. Click on Messaging in the left hand menu.
    1. Only GMB users with the User permission level "Owner" can view and access Messaging. If you do not see Messaging as a menu option, confirm your permissions level by clicking on Users.

      If needed, reach out to your listing’s Owner (most likely whoever created the account) to either upgrade your access or set up Messaging themselves.
  3. Enter your High Level number.
  4. Add your response / greeting.
    1. This is the message people will see after they text you from search results. You might say “Thanks for texting us! We’ll get back to you ASAP.” or something to that effect.

      Note: People will only see this if they text you from a messaging app, not with standard SMS.
  5. Confirm your number.
    1. Google will text a confirmation code to the number you just entered.

    2. Enter the code, and you’re good to start receiving text messages through your Google My Business Listing!

    3. Searchers just click on Message or Send a message on mobile, and it opens a text addressed to your business.

Now you can start driving leads directly from organic search!

Note: When someone clicks on the Send a Message button, they’ll see a different number than the one you entered. Messages still come to you!

Google just routes things this way so they can track how long it takes you to respond, which they display in search results.

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