Online Listings Overvie‚Äčw (Yext Integration)

Online listings is our integration with Yext. This articles walk you through how that works and how it can help your client.

If you're not familiar with Yext they provide an API that allows you to buy listings on some the largest websites out there. Here is a list of their current sites:

Online Listings Overview (Yext Integration)

By enabling listings you can push your account's business information onto all of these websites in about 72 hrs. Essentially, this is done for SEO purposes and allows you to submit and maintain listings on all of these sites for your customers from one place.

This service is NOT free, Yext charges a service fee. We offer it through our account to you at cost. We do this so that as more agencies offer this to their clients we can get a bigger Yext discount.

 If you wish to get this enabled for a location please open a ticket and let us know.

Once you do the location will change and something like this will be displayed to show your client what sites are enabled and where their listings are:

Online Listings with Yext

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