Round Robin Campaigns

How to setup round robin campaigns within Solopreneur Solutions Lost Lead Prevention Software

Round Robin campaigns are useful for clients who want to round robin incoming leads between multiple sales people. For example, the first lead would be assigned to sales person 1, lead two to sales person 2, lead 3 back to sales person 1, and so on. This example assumes a two person sales team.

Follow the steps below to setup a round robin campaign:

1. Create multiple users (sales people)

You need to have multiple users set up within the client's HighLevel account.

Follow the steps bellow to create multiple users.

  1. Click Settings on the client view.
  2. Click Team Management.
  3. Click Add Employee.
  4. Fill in the user information.
  5. Click Save.
  • It is suggested to use the user's unique email and phone number as these are going to be the methods of contact for the leads they are assigned.
2. Assign multiple users to a campaign

Users must be assigned to a campaign in order to turn it into a round robin campaign.

Follow the steps below to assign users to a campaign.

  1. Click Marketing -> Campaigns on the client view.
  2. Create or open an existing campaign.
  3. Click Campaign Configuration.
  4. Click the Users dropdown and select multiple users to assign to the campaign.
  5. Click Save.
  • It is suggested to leave the from email and from name (sub fields of From address) within campaign configuration blank as the system will default back to the name and emails you setup for the user (see step 1.). This makes any email within the campaign look like it is coming from a unique user.
  • You can use merge fields to customize emails and SMS, further making them look like they are coming from a specific user.
3. Create a pipeline and trigger (optional)

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