Snapshots Overview (Clone Account)

An overview of Snapshots, why you would use them and a list of client account items they copy with Solopreneur Solutions Lost Lead Prevention Software.

List of client account items copied using Snapshots:

  1. Custom Fields
  2. Custom Values   ***The Values of the Custom Values do not get copied, only the Key does. To learn why we do this, and how to use Custom Values to maximize the Snapshot experience please see this article: Custom Values
  3. Triggers   ***Triggers copied over from a Snapshot will start in Draft mode
  4. Trigger Links
  5. Surveys
  6. Forms
  7. SMS Templates
  8. Email Templates   ***These are the email templates created in Email Builder
  9. SMS   ***This is the SMS template for Reputation Management (Settings -> SMS)
  10. Email   ***This is the Email template for Reputation Management (Settings -> Email)
  11. Custom Communications   ***These are the Custom Communications settings for Reputation Management (Settings -> Custom Communications)
  12. Campaigns   ***Campaigns copied over from a Snapshot will start as Published.  Users (a feature in Campaign Configurations) is not copied over as we do not copy Users within Snapshots as we assume the users for each account will be different
  13. Pipelines
  14. Calendars   ***Includes calendar settings for each calendar.
  15. Tags

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